Sunday, January 19, 2014

The day I failed…

The day I failed, I remembered the lost year! 372 days I wasted, abusing my true purpose... Ignoring the journey I set out on…

Delivering the prepared speech at this year's annual contest
A senior-most distinguished person came to me and said, “Well done.” A judge came to me and said, “It was a unique delivery. You were different.” Several co-contestants gave me a thumps-up. Many in the audience walked over to say, “I enjoyed…” “It was amazing…” “You were humourous…”  “It was excellent…” “You were the best…”

“I was the best,” I thought. I believed and had reasons to believe that I was the best speaker – or at least one of the best - of a prepared speech on that eventful day at my local club.

I had the language and a well-worded original script chiseled to score judges’ points. In fact, I was lauded for the first two attributes… and so I had a reason to…

I also had another reason… My belief in Him!

And so…I felt let down. Only so I felt let down.

But then, there was an unprepared, semi-impromptu speech segment, too, which I attempted without confidence and was declared the second runner-up.  A request I had put forth to Him, as well. Just for the heck of it!

And so…I felt let down. Only so I felt let down.

Last year, in the same annual contest, I was one of the winners in the prepared speech category. But due to an emergency, I couldn’t take the journey ahead. I eagerly waited for this year.

And so…I felt let down. Only so I felt let down.

About 36 hours later, I heard snippets of my voice from the numerous conversations I’ve had with several members of my club over the last two years… “The day I’m comfortable with myself, I’ll quit…”; “I’m not interested in posts and elections in the club…”; “I’m here for a selfish reason…”; “I am not interested in the club hierarchy nor am I interested in learning the ACB, DCB or XYZzzzz requirements of progression…”

Then that day came nudging me. The day I decided to join a Toastmaster’s club in the neighbourhood. I once again felt the same pain I did then. And soon I felt the frustration that I experienced on several occasions since then.

OMG! How did I forget my goal! And…I felt at ease.

I regret wasting one whole year, waiting for a contest. But it’s never late to learn a lesson…Or rather reminded of that one lesson that’s so easily forgotten…

If your desire is strong, HE will see you remain on track and achieve what you have set out to do. No matter what people say; no matter what their advices are; no matter how they judge you; no matter how many times you get blinded by the roadside temptations and veer off…

Thank You to the divine for this experience!

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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A cinema date with the husband

Chilling it out after the cinema fiasco... Dubai winter lifts your spirits  
There is no new beginning, as I had mentioned in my previous post, yet there is that much to renew or start over again or anew.  It’s just in your mind’s eye.

So to begin with, I skimmed through last year's posts and discovered that a flimsy one on husband-wife relationship did the most numbers. [Click here to read] As much as I am thankful to the readers for visiting my page, I owe an apology to each one for dishing out such a half-baked stuff over the top of my keyboard for some sadistic pleasure.

Now, taking the pleasure forward sans the sad-ticks, here I am to say it the way I see it. No malice, no prejudice, intended. It’ll be only me ticking the wry thoughts off anyone and anything that eeks…

Well, one look around my workplace in the New Year and I see…

Pretenders still whiling their time ‘n’ workaholics still sweating their arse…

Drama queens continuing to squeal their presence ‘n’ self-proclaimed kings dicing cubes…

I continue to have loads of entertainers around!

That reminds me, I started the year at the cinema with my lovely girl, my loving man and my lol-of-a-friend.

We headed to one of the oldest cinema houses in Dubai, which is two-tiered, and located on the busiest streets of the city. A place I’ve frequented a dozen times over.

The show started at 7.30pm and we landed there sharp 7.40pm. We three pretty women hopped out at the entrance and dashed to the counter as the husband went parking.

With an ear on the dialogues booming inside, another replying to the incessant jabber of my girl, one eye at the closed door and another at the ticket issuer, I folded my thumb inside my palm and lifted four fingers of my right hand against the glass window, with the left placating my tummy that was rising and falling from the inadvertent exercise of rushing in.

Did he ask for cash? I can’t exactly remember, nevertheless I forwarded Dh100… not knowing any better.

The considerate security urged me to go in saying I’ve already missed more than 10 minutes of the movie. “What’s your husband’s name? Just leave one ticket with me, madam.” And he directed me into the dark hall.

Within minutes, my man arrived. I cozied up closer but found him unusually hot.

“Why the hell are you in here?” he hissed amid the blaring sound.

“You dropped me on the street for a stroll!” I teased

“Look at the crowd…and…the seats...this…our neck will pain…” he was visibly irritated attempting to position his long legs.

“What’s wrong with you. It’s you who wanted to watch this…”

“Yes. It’s me. But when have we sat down…”


Was it the sudden heat of realization, his anger or the pest, I started itching my elbow… “Yes, you can take home bugs as well for free from here…can’t use brains…”

I walked out and requested a transfer to the balcony. They would not comply.

I pulled out two notes and requested for new balcony seats and they said that the ticker was closed. It can’t be opened without permission and that their manager was not around. I stood three minutes tapping my scattered brains and checking my emotions before sneaking back… and I caught a restless husband.

“What took you so long. I was about to come out looking for you. Now relax. Enjoy the movie! ”

I did not.

Each time the unruly crowd booed and cheered louder, I sneaked a glance sideways. After a few times, he whispered, “Happens. Forget it.” Then he got closer, and taking my hands, said, “My fault. I should have reminded you…”

That moment I felt instantly better.

Taking responsibility is the key to a healthy relationship!!!

Sh…oo…sh! Dont analyse...it's just a saying!

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