Rhymes, lines and my whims

A coveted wish

I wanna go miles afar
Where prejudices form no bar,
Misunderstandings where will set right
My hearts tone would be heard a bright,
Away from the cities and villages
Where humans haven’t dwelt for ages,
Need not be a celestial haven
Wouldn’t mind if it’s green or barren,
With a person to understand me
While I cry in the night of wee
All my life’s ideas, would
Be warmly understood,
My silence would drive itself to interpret
A gratitude I anxiously accept but dare wrest,
If wrong be my reasons
Who wouldn’t change his mood’s seasons,
Not necessary a handsome male
Neither must a wealthy male
I’m coveted to have a soul in flesh
A man who would blush
When I say, ‘you are the only one to have understood me’.
-          By Anamica

If only
If I were a snake
I could shed my skin and move on;
If I were a fox
I could howl and move on;
Now with a heart and mind
I can love and reason
manipulate and pretend
I survive and die to move on;
If only I were me
I could live in my skin and scream
This is Me!

4 days n 5 nights

Four days and five nights
We sat, walked, kneeled and hugged
We teased, poked fun, pulled legs
Whined, drawled  and joked
About hers, his, mine, theirs and us
Only ours, too

Four days and five nights later
As I was…
…was stopped just short of…
And he returned.

Four days and five nights
Flew past in a blink

Yes. Finally.


Just another day

The alarm  crows
and the sun shines, 
it is just another day
yet just another day.

I wonder if it is the same
for billions who woke up with me,
Having no means to know
I carry on with routine chores
just like any other day.

Nothing is different on 
this yet another day,
From mishaps and records to
conventions, promises, disputes
and means of survival…

What’s that?
 I forget to wonder
just like any other day


Players are we

If ambition has us going
Greed gets the better of some,
And as times get tough
Makes a beast of many
More than one can bother to trust.

If smiles cheer you up
Infectious ones can be injurious,
And as tough times continue snarling 
Extended hands will throw you in quicksand
Long you’d forgotten what day light was.

Wonder how the greatest of bards
Would rephrase his famous lines -
The world’s a stage
And players are people
Beyond doubt.

Though nobody plants

Why does grass grow
Nobody plants it though?

Evergreen it sprouts
Finds the world so beautiful
The roller-coaster rolls
Vehicles run in zest, cattle cud the best
Humans walk without a look
Gardener then walks in with his sickle sharp.

Eyelids they close
Complaining voice at bay
Only to return on sunshine
To make hay.

Why does love grow
Nobody plants it though?

When the rains pour down

When the sun shines bright
and the days sweat out,
I yearn for a cool whisk away
and not a cool shower.

When the clouds loom large
and the rooms go dull,
I yearn for a warm log to hold on
and not a warm hearth.

When the rains pour down
and the heart beats chill,
I yearn to melt into a fireball
and not just cuddle one.

Why I feel low

Know the reason why, yet I feel low
To fret is to sap energy, I know though;
Can see efforts being made around, yet I feel low

Know the reason why, yet I feel low
To except situations is battle won, I know though;
Can see moments lost, yet I feel low

Know the reason why, yet I feel low
To hang on is ego, I know though;
Can see futility in adamance, yet I feel low

Know the reason why, yet I feel low
To jump the destiny queue is impossible, I know though;
Can see I'm blessed, yet I feel low

Know the reason why I feel low
I've got more than I thought I would ever get;
Know the reason why I feel low
I got support to pile my dream upon
and hence went on a roll and I feel low

Know the reason why I feel low
Reality check came on time though;
Don't know the reason why I feel low
When the support's strong for me to lean on
Will feel low for while until I grab my new status, I know
(April, 10, 2011)


  1. Hi Nisha!

    I enjoyed reading your poems! It's nice to be aquainted with fellow poets! I will vist often and read more!

  2. Hi Nisha,
    Look forward to more jots!
    Have funn...

  3. Lovely work! I will stop by often for a good read I am sure

  4. Nice poems Nisha prticulrly Thou nobody plants & Y I feel low........Looking forward for mor from ur desk......Al d best.....

  5. Thank You Kavi and Sudha... for your lovely words