Sunday, July 28, 2013

An itchy affair that a wife won't see

It’s summer time and the couple sings hols

They plan, shop, pack and inform pals

We are away for a month, seeya laters!
And then…
A day prior to them flying
The husband frantically calls the wife
I have an emergency at work.
It’s a question of survival;
No worries darling, let’s cancel, she smiles.
Am guilty, my love…
Forget it! Cheer up! she intervenes
An idea! why don’t you visit your folks, meanwhile!
Umm… alright, she hesitates
We’ll meet in Greece a week later, babes, he promises
And so…
The wife goes to her family
A week later, she informs her folks
It’s time to head for my hols, when the husband calls
Sorry, my love. It’s a trail of emergencies here,
You may stay there for the next three weeks;
A cheerful wife soothes, ‘I know how tough it’s on you…’
I’ll manage, my love. At least you enjoy, he stresses
No darling, lemme return. Hols can wait another time;
And so…
She flies back to an empty home
Exhausted he returns gasping for breath
I’m sorry, couldn’t make it to the airport even. Fuck this job!
She mollycoddles and lifts his spirits
He can’t sit still
A week later…
And yet he can’t sit still
Worried, she forces him to see a doctor
Are you nuts. This is the heat, he explains
We’ve been here for a decade, this heat never affected you
It’s the stress, you see, he reasons
But you’ve never broken into rashes before
I’m booking with the skin specialist…
Hold on, not needed
You’re red, for Pete’s sake!
Actually, it’s a massage that went wrong
Whhhaawt! You had time for a massage!
Listen, they were novices…
Don’t get me wrong, the girls were new…
Pleeease! Out of my sight! Will u!
He walked away itching his ass!
Moral: Whatever your eye chooses to read that your brain refuses to comprehend!

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