Thursday, November 3, 2016

Why I love Arnab Goswami

Let me confess outright here. I am NOT a fan of journalist Arnab Goswami and his whirlwind  'The Newshour'.
He disrespects Indian Constitution, which he hollers to be the uncoronated custodian of. He invites people to his show to work them up so mercilessly, denying them their basic right of expression. Modiji could explain the Fundamental Rights to him. Or perhaps, Smriti Irani could do that better. In matters of the mind, after all wavelength matters!
People love to hate him and all the same hate to love him, too. He may be loud, brash, arrogant, ignorant, impatient...possibly all of these and more. His attitude of 'my way or the high way' riles people and yet they tolerate him, when in the 21st century they have an easy option of switching channels without having to work their ass off.
Somewhere within, people fear missing him.
How else can you justify the reaction that his resignation has evoked. I find it ridiculous when people heave a sigh of relief that he's quit but are eager to know what's his next move. They blame him of impatience and they have got not an iota of it. People are enthusiastically guessing his next venture, when he's gonna return, where and how and with whom. Not satisfied, they have suggestions, too.
This is the average lot. Average minds tolerate people that fit into their mediocrity. They encourage people with pity to let them be or praise and eulogize them as one among them out there trying to make it. But once they cross over the bar and 'make it', then the lot considers it their birth right to shred them.
Arnab connects with the armchair-opinion-makers
Let's get this straight... Arnab has successfully managed to touch a cord in the masses. He connects with the armchair-opinion-makers. On issues that disturb them but are lazy to act upon or are helpless to support, he does the shouting and protesting on their behalf. Period. They let him stroke their ego on national issues. But when they have to take sides, their little selves within rise up. And they accuse him, lampoon him and talk ethics when they could easily IGNORE him.
Simply because, it is difficult to ignore success. It's in your face. You can acknowledge it or discard it, but you can't ignore it.
Arnab Goswami has changed the face of Indian media. Whether it is right or wrong or you endorse it or not, or if he's set of a disastrous trend, notwithstanding. This is the truth. And it is his passion that's got the world talking!
That's why I love this man - Arnab Goswami the individual, the person.
I love his passion and his unwavering dedication. He's clear about what he wants in life and he's worked towards it, without a care to the critics. That's the trait of successful people. They are focussed and let nothing hamper their vision. If only all of us could have such clear intent and make our respective lives worthwhile doing what we love instead of making one man's decision a colossal issue.
He is just one among the 7 billion-odd people on a small piece of rock, which in turn is spinning in empty space.
So relax guys!
Live your life, while you have it!

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  1. He has asked the questions in a manner that no other journalist would dare and that's why I liked him.
    I also wrote a post once on AG and sharing the link here when you get time to read - http://happinessandfood.com/dinner-date-with-arnab-goswami/