Monday, March 11, 2013

Nirbhaya case accused escapes life...A shame!

So the main accused in Nirbhaya case is no more. He gets away from trial at the high-security prison. He escapes life when he was allegedly under suicide watch.

So was it suicide? Well, let investigators and officials do their work.

In the event it was, indeed, a suicide, the ‘how’ did it happen, needs to be answered at least to the victim’s family, even as the fact remains that it means just one accused less. Simply because, it is presumed by one and all that anyway he would have been hanged.
So what difference if he did it by himself. If reports about the reason for him getting brutal with the girl are any truth then he has remained true to his salt. If the girl’s defiance and her bite hurt his ego for him to go fatally berserk, then he was unlikely to have his end prescribed by others.

Now, even in the event it was not a suicide, there is serious explanation required. Security lapse is appalling. Pathetic. A case that crossed boundaries to reach across continents; one that is helping revise dud laws to protect its women; one that continues to see unparalleled discussion, being handled with such disdain will be unpardonable.
This is a case that is often introduced as the one that stirred the nation’s conscience. Then we really need to ask whose conscience it has nudged? If this case has not stirred those people who protect the system, then what will?

This would put India to shame once again!
Nevertheless, just in order to see some hope in his end, let’s assume it will put pressure on his accomplices and many others roaming free fancying innocent females.

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