Saturday, September 6, 2014

Compliments? Yes please, with salt!

I was wary of compliments, especially from friends. I would blush, mumble a thank you and quickly get far away from the person. Personally, I preferred long-distance compliments, because I found it a lot easier to let the voice break over the phone and pretend not to have heard it right.
Until I heard one of them last year...
After that, whenever I am given a compliment, I smile and note it down mentally.  I’ve learnt to take it with a sack full of salt. Now I just blow them away. If they still float around, I observe for sometime longer and invariably it has always gone back as chips on its owners' shoulders.
For instance, I have one friend who drools eloquent on what I serve her. Later she advices me on how easy it is go beyond the basic three-course meal.
There are a couple of them who cannot stop exclaiming about the d├ęcor of my home and how neatly I maintain my house. One of them later said, I need to cleanse it for proper chi. "I sense unwanted elements".
One of them said she 'envies' my slender frame. Later, she said I lack core strength. At this age, building core strength is more important than being thin...
Our thoughts are, indeed, powerful. I shouldn't have been wary of them to begin with, I guess.
Here's the first instance that shook my antennas last year... 


  1. Oh I really enjoyed your post. This is so true of many people, specially those who are veru eloquent and ready to pay comliments :) Best part is that they don't even realize they have contradicted themselves!!

  2. Nice reminder. A smile and a thank you is a perfect ending to a thoughtful compliment.

  3. True...
    but real compliments have complete honesty in them...nice post!

  4. Don't you hate those false types who compliment you one minute and criticize the next? Grrrr! That's why when someone gives me a genuine heartfelt compliment I accept it with gratitude and hang onto that warm glow as long as I can. I used to downplay a compliment and dismiss it but now I accept it and appreciate it. Thanks so much, I say and enjoy the moment as they don't come all that often.

  5. Thank You Lorraine; Shellymona, Cathy...Agree with you all on how honest heart-felt compliments uplift you.