Sunday, September 14, 2014

Nisha is...they filled it in

Battling a sinus attack and irritatingly jabbering a mind, I was looking at giving today's entry a miss, when a post on how we judge people knocked something within.
Ever since I can remember, I've been called names or at least bestowed with ample adjectives. A private person; an intense person; a high-strung individual... The latest is that I am a simple person.
I lay my thoughts bare on this blog 'Uncensored'. My Toastmasters speeches are laden with my shameful incidents. My book 'Anamica' is an autobiographical novel. And yet I'm called a 'private person', presumably because I don't roll-over and laugh and walk around talking ninteen to a dozen with all and sundry, making my presence felt.
I am one person most colleagues have said they are comfortable working with. I make it a point to visit all my friends staying within my reach at least once in two months; call those who are far away at least once a month; visit all my relations on my hometown visits even if it is at the cost of re-scheduling and cancelling my assignments...yet I'm called a 'high-strung' individual.
I cannot hold myself at the slightest of jokes and cannot laugh without holding a tissue to my eyes and nose, and yet I'm called an 'intense' person.

Now the latest on the list of my descriptions is that I am a 'simple' person. Well, flashy dresses and dramatic make-up is not for me. This is one adjective I would love to retain with my name, for the 'simple' reason that it has helped me crack my mental Sudoku.

Decoding the 'simple-ness', I believe it is a matter of the heart. I trust people easily. And, therefore, I suffer easily.

This is also one of the main reasons, I now understand, for my sinus attacks and frustrations.

All those who have named me thus far - friends, relations, acquaintances, colleagues and foes - a Big Thank You!

“My heart is no more a garbage bin! My self-worth is not for public voting! Any more.

I hope my doctor reads this announcement. She would be pleased I took heed of her advice. 

PS: Has name-calling helped you look within? Helped you become a better person?


  1. As someone said 'They say what they say. Let them say!' I'm past caring now. ;)

  2. Name callings turns quite funny when they're quite opposite to what you are. However, why stop and care? A good read!
    Best Wishes,

  3. Nisha, what if perhaps next time you're called "simple" put on a BIG smile and say "Thank you!" and walk away? Maybe they'll leave you alone next time. Besides, you now know what it means to you, but more so that what they say about you is what's true for them. ;) It's obvious to me that you are a kind, gentle, and sensitive soul and that's all that matters! :) <3

    1. Thank You for these kind word Elly.
      "what they say about you is what's true for them..." Thats the truth.Hugs!

  4. NO APOLOGIES, Nisha! People are jealous and name-calling is one way of showing it. I know how you feel - totally pissed, but you don't have to apologize. If someone has a problems with you - tough luck! Personally, I see "simple" as a compliment. When people try to put me down, it actually has the opposite effect on me - it drives me to rise higher! Fly, girl! HUGS <3

  5. Thanks Judy... you made my morning...Hugs!!!!

  6. It can be highly frustrating for being misunderstood as a person. As long as their names do start defining you, people can judge and label you till cows come home. It's their problem and not yours. Be happy, Nisha! :-)

  7. To be honest I never cared what people called me... It is when I am mistaken for something that I am not hurts me. Being simple is an art and to master it with style is extremely difficult. :)

    1. Yeah I understand how it feels when misunderstood.