Sunday, November 9, 2014

Housefly – I am not

Well, I am one. Rather was. 

I was told by none other but my daughter because one day I sat doing my work silently…aloof rather… irritated to be precise… not communicating with the family to be frank. So here I admit!

A woman’s mood is not only hers. Her family members are majority stakeholders of her private possession. The state of mind of the woman-of-the-house ripples off to affect every single person and object in her home. The husband gets fuzzy, the kid gets fuzzier and together they begin to rub your already fuzziest mood. The dishes make noise, the cleaner makes more noise and the roofs scream back at you!

The best remedy to keep peace at home is to SMILE and say ‘leave me alone, I need some time to myself’. And close the door again with a SMILE.

Fake that SMILE to begin with.

But beware, restrain it to only a smile. Else, you become a pleaser. 

People pleasers are the worst sufferers!

I was a die-hard one, until recently. Currently, I'm one with measured restraints – as I’m still working hard to eradicate it without a trace.

The low-side of being a people pleaser, dear friends, is you will not be valued for what you are. And think about this – if you value yourself, would you have put yourself in uncomfortable situations to please others? 

However, close or distant the person/people/situation might be, if you are not ‘COMFORTABLE’, it’s not worth investing time and energy in them/that.

You are the most important person for you!

But yes, you may smile – if it’s person/people, smile at them. If it’s a situation, smile at yourself.

Smile buys peace!


  1. I think people pleasers shoot themselves in the foot...at the end of the day, you can't please everyone and in striving to do so, you run yourself ragged. I am not completely sold on needing to smile for others' but yes, time to oneself to recuperate or ride the irritable/annoyed wave is a must!

  2. Great that you are learning to lessen the hold of being a people pleaser Nisha. It's not always easy, but doable. I think it's so easy to put others before yourself, especially if you have family so I commend you for taking time for yourself and speaking your truth. :) <3

  3. True...I have realised that I can't make everyone happy and hence the best thing to do is be happy myself, take care of myself and the ripple effect will do the rest

    Random Thoughts Naba..Dear Central Incisors

  4. Sometimes smiling at ourselves helps more than smiling for others.